About Bishop Jeffery & Dr. Sandy Archangel

     Rev. Jeffery Archangel, Sr., Senior Pastor of Believers Family Worship Center, in New Iberia.  He has been given a mandate by God to preach the uncompromising Word of God. Pastor Archangel received his call to preach in 1978 when our Lord commissioned him to preach, teach and heal the hurting, oppressed, and depressed, leading them into a victorious life between Salvation and the eternal Heaven.
            Rev. Archangel's spiritual journey began as a young boy surrounded by a rich spiritual heritage of Gospel ministers and church workers.  His development as a leader began under his Pastor, the late Rev. Johnny Carr Jr., and the Little Zorah Baptist Church.
            In 1980 he was ordained with the Union Sixth District Baptist Association under the late Rev. H. A. Hills. After ministering as an evangelist for several years, he received the "Baptism of the Holy Ghost".  After working with the Rev. Jimmy Lopez and the Jesus Way Ministry, Pastor Archangel was directed by the Lord to lead a flock of 12 individuals. In 1985 Believers Family Worship Center was birthed. During the early years of pastoring, Pastor Francis Martin and the Family Life Church served as a source of covering and inspiration.  In April of 1998, he was consecrated to the holy office of Bishop with Pilgrim Assemblies Inc. where the honorable Archbishop Roy E. Brown serves as the Chief Prelate. In 2008, with a great burden for the spiritual and economic climate of his assigned territory, Bishop graduated from the Ever Increasing Bible College, Darrow, LA after attending since 2006.  In 2009 he continued the divine connection by humbly submitting himself and the ministry under the leadership of Dr. Leroy Thompson and the Leroy Thompson Ministerial Association where "righteousness and wealth" is the inheritance of every believer. 
            You will find that Bishop Archangel ministers with boldness and compassion for God’s people. God has blessed him with wisdom to impart to those needing direction, guidance, confirmation, and encouragement in their lives. As a Bishop of the Lord, he has been given an anointing to set in order that which is in need of God’s touch. Miracles, signs and wonders accompanies the  Word of the Lord as he ministers. 
            Bishop Archangel has a heart for his local church as well as the immediate community in which the ministry impacts.  He served on the boards of the Iberia Christian Ministerial Federation, the overseer of the Iberia Food Bank, Iberia Parish Habitat for Humanity, Iberia Parish Teen Court, Iberia Police Task Force, Iberia Parish Chapter of United Way, and the Iberia Adult Education Program.  His outreach into the community, leading his congregation in great efforts of community collaborations and service, is a testiment to the love and compassion of Christ which he so graciously has received.
            He is married to his friend and partner, Dr. Sandy Archangel. Together they are blessed with  six children and ten grandchildren.

     Dr. Sandy Archangel, affectionatly known as "prophetess", is a humble servant of the Lord who resides in the small community of Grand Marais, La. She serves in the ministry under her husband Bishop Jeffery J. Archangel, Sr. in her local church, Believers Family Worship Center in New Iberia, Louisiana.
            She currently serves as Founder of the Women of Esther Ministry and “Queen’s Chambers Women’s Conferences” where her chief aim is to instill a spirit of excellence and royalty to women, in the areas of prayer, prophecy, prosperity, and wisdom principles. She has also created the Jewel’s Mentorship Program, a mentoring program for girls. 
            As a seasoned Prophetess of the Lord, she ministers with accuracy, humility and sensitivity. She strongly believes the degree of the anointing on her life is in direct proportion to the degree that she submits and honors the man of God and Bishop in her life, her husband and mentor, Bishop Jeffery J. Archangel. She firmly teaches women in ministry that the strength of the anointing lies in submitting to the authority God has placed in one’s life no matter if that authority is one’s spouse and/or Pastor. 
            Her avid love for the Word of God and lifestyle of praise and worship has impacted many as she ministers in all types of houses of worship.  The Holy Spirit has anointed her with an uncanny ability to strategically reach the heart of the matter, and connect and deposit what He wants said and done in the lives of the hearers. Many are blessed and encouraged by her ministry.
            In 2008 she graduated from Ever Increasing Bible College and in 2010, she received a Doctorate of Theology, Th.D. degree (h.c)  from Fellowship International Bible College. Prophetess is the author of Women in the Prophetic, an anointed, and practical guide encouraging and exhorting women in developing their prophetic gifting. For men, this book will give insight and information regarding the unique call of women in ministry as well as increase their own knowledge of the prophetic ministry.
            Prophetess Sandy is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She and Bishop Archangel have six children and ten grandchildren.  Enjoy the Lord as He anoints Prophetess Sandy with a revelation of His Word designed to build and encourage the Kingdom of God.