"10 Days of Awe!"

Calling Forth a Summit of Consecration

September 10-19, 2018

For the next 10 days, we are presenting ourselves personally and corporately before the Lord.  Join the saints as we Journey through Psalm 27 and pray for an open heaven over our lives and praying daily for breakthrough, family, finances, fruitfulness, healing and wholeness.  Release the power of the Blood of Jesus everyday!!!

Join us for Morning and Evening Prayer Sacrifices on Conference Call:  515-604-9778   356413#
at 6:00-6:15 am (Mon-Fri) and 10:00-10:15 am (Mon-Fri) 

Fast Type:  Daniel Fast; but you can customize your fast; please follow doctor's instructions and take all medications accordingly

Daily Prayer Devotional available at the information table.